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I love everything! But it's a bit laggy for me.

This game and the series has been amazing. I've beaten each of the epic battle fantasy series games even on epic and would like to do the donation for premium thing because well, you've earned it with all the wonderful games that you've made over time. I even made this account for this purpose right now, though it seems i dont get newgrounds medals but at least I got the medals in game. I was wondering though if there was a way to get the premium while not losing my progress because I finally beat the whole game on epic and have all the medals except the level 40 medal mainly because that just takes forever without new game+. Even at level 36 it is slow >>" anyhow but if theres a way to get premium w/out losing my progress then I would indeed like to make the donation. As for a review of the game itself...
Overall the game played very well as an rpg game with entertaining characters and battles requiring decent levels of skill and strategy on higher difficulties with difficulty for the right reasons. A mistake many games make is that "hard mode" is more like "longer mode" where you do the same thing but the monster have more hp. thats it. nothing else. But having the foes sometimes have different moves and different traits helped keep epic mode fresh even after I ran a normal mode. While I do personally miss the ability to keep scans over any file, I suppose it isn't a big deal as I guess I can do the scan and run tactic vs important bosses where that extra turn might actually matter. Though I can tell you tested this very intensely and this was clearly a labor a love. unlike a certain other company that makes awesome games *coughbethsadacough* this game isn't riddled w/ impossible glitches and all the medals are reasonable to get and for the most part are relavant. I will note though that the medal areas in EBF 3 were a really nice touch and gave a better motivation to get all those medals. Not even for the extra random items so much as for the battles in them, especially if you did the battles as soon as possible. They were challenging yet very possible. In fact you could even kill all the monsters in the 60 medal area by level 30. And I mean kill, not just run past them, even the level 40 monoliths and the mob of the really high level worms, though I won't lie, those fights took luck at level 30 but were certainly possible if not hard. The fights were fun, the NPC characters made clever jokes that could tie into real life as well and still all in all I can feel that this was made by a fellow gamer which is why I really loved this series from the gameplay to the artistry. I always liked your art style and the music in this game is quite good. Might I suggest though the ability to switch music at the player's whim during gameplay? Perhaps it can be unlocked after beating the game to avoid spoilers and would allow the player to change music a little. There is 1 thing I'd like to note though. If I play for a while the game seems to start to lag for some reason. When you first start it up its fine, but maybe a while in the game will start to lag. I might be off on this but my guess is that it happens when I save often, especially on multiple files as I tend to make more than 1 file of a save because I prefer not to have a stupid misclick that erases a whole save. Just a minor note anyhow, but as another question, I've seen that in the scans in the bestiary that each godcat has a 0% chance of dropping the lance of creation and sword of destruction and am curious as to what these are, though they sound fairly overpowered for regular gameplay.

Ahhh....Yeah im all wet now.

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Looks like Mew :L

Fatelogic responds:

That's because it's an anthro Mew.


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